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KrosFlo® Research I Pump & Stand

Spectrum's KrosFlo Research I (KRI) System combines a digital peristaltic pump and a multi-purpose lab stand to provide ultimate convenience and efficiency for experiments involving fluid circulation and transfers. The easy-to-operate digital KRI Pump drives the fluid stream through flexible tubing (sold separately) while the incorporated stand and included holders secure the tubing, filters, reservoirs and other components in place.

Conventional lab stands often fall over, require more space and gradually move due to vibration. Since our stand is anchored directly to the pump drive, the KRI prevents spills, sucking air and broken connections. Spectrum Trilobite holders are specifically designed for securing flexible tubing and cylindrical items. Standard laboratory clamps can also be used on the KRI stand. The molded handle on the pump makes transporting the set-up easy.

The reversible KRI pump (600 RPM) features a simple digital keypad that provides easy and accurate speed control. The pump-head has 3 stainless steel rollers that rotate while compressing fluid-filled tubing to generate flow. A second pump-head can be stack-mounted for increased flow or operating two parallel flow streams. Optimal flow rates can be achieved by selecting the preferred tubing size.

Features & Benefits

  • Pump-mounted stand for ultimate stability
  • Portable compact set-up saves space
  • Easy-to-use & low maintenance pump
  • Accurate & reliable speed control
  • Operate with remote external controller
  • Portable compact set-up saves space
  • Locking digital keypad & display
  • (Soft) Start/Stop & reversible flow
  • Remote operation by external controller
  • ETL, cETL, CE, RoHS & IP33 Safety Ratings

Each Pump Includes

  • Digital Pump Drive
  • Rotating Pump-head
  • Stand Bracket
  • Stand Pole (46 cm)
  • 2 Trilobite Holders
  • 1 Reservoir Holder


Drive Type:6-600 RPM
Flow Rates:0,36-2300 ml/min
Speed Resolution:1 RPM
Speed Accuracy:+/- 0,25%
Motor Power:75W
Main Power:90-260V 60/50Hz

Tubing Size:131416251718
OD x ID (inch):5/32 x 1/323/16 x 1/161/4 x 1/85/16 x 3/163/8 x 1/47/16 x 5/16
OD x ID (mm):4 x 0,84,8 x 1,66,3 x 38 x 4,89,5 x 6,411 x 8
Flow Rate (ml/min)
600 RPM Drive:0,36-361,3-1304,8-48010-100017-170023-2300


Pump, pump-head & stand (L x W x H):14,50" (37cm) x 10,16" (26cm) x 19,65" (50cm)

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Product No.DescriptionSpeedPrice

ACR1-U2S-01NKrosFlo Research I Peristaltic Pump600 RPMREQUEST
ACR2-H3S-01NKrosFlo Research Pump-Head with 3 SS rollers-€ 443

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