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10% Rabatt Internetbestellungen mit Kreditkarte

Terms & Conditions:

Spectrum Europe B.V. is giving a 10% discount for most “Lab Product” items (see restrictions below for applicable products) purchased on this website with a valid credit card (Visa®, and MasterCard® only).

To see discounted price, click on any product number or “add to cart” link or button. If discount is applicable, the discount will show in pop-up window and then will transfer to your shopping cart when product is added.

A fixed shipping fee of € 18,00 will be added to your invoice. If you have any questions about shipping charges, please call customer service in Breda, NL at +31 (0) 76 5719 419.

Restrictions Apply:

  1. 10% discount applies to “Lab Products” only, which include Lab Dialysis, Lab Filtration, Labware, Cell Culture and Chromatography products only and that are specifically available for direct purchase on this website. It does not include any products from the above categories where the pricing must be requested.
  2. 10% discount DOES NOT apply to any “Process Filtration” products. These include, but are not limited to, hollow fiber filter modules and their related accessory and component items that have pricing listed on this website. These include, but are not limited to, MicroKros® filters, MidiKros® filters, MidiKros® TC filters, process reservoirs, pressure transducers, process tubing, process system fittings kits and fitting kit replacement parts, Pro-Connex® connectors and any other product that does not specifically list a discount in the pop-up “add to cart” window.
  3. Discount does not apply to products for which pricing must be "requested”. This includes products that show REQUEST instead of price or “request price” link or button.
  4. Order must be placed through this spectrumlabs.com website. Discount does not apply for orders placed by phone, facsimile, E-mail or EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Discount will not apply for orders placed using a Purchase Order Number.
  5. Free ground shipping only applies for qualifying shipments made to the continental United States for “Lab Products” only.
  6. 10% discount only applies for qualifying orders placed with a valid credit card. Spectrum Europe B.V. accepts Visa and MasterCard only. Discount will not apply for orders placed using a Purchase Order Number.

Spectrum, Inc. and our European subsidiary Spectrum Europe B.V. reserve all rights to amend sale conditions at any time.

See complete Sales Terms and Conditions here


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